• 09 Dec 2019

    Financing Air Quality Plans - Guidance for cities and local authorities

    Depending on the internal organisation of single Member States, regions or local authorities are responsible of the development, implementation and reporting of Air Quality Plans.

    Given the localised nature of the drivers and consequences of air pollution on citizens’ health, municipal and local authorities are often best placed to implement effective measures to improve air quality, due to their knowledge of the territory, actors and policy levers (e.g. urban planning, infrastructure/traffic management, housing permits, parking policy, etc.).

    Air quality is one of the twelve priority themes of the “Urban Agenda for the EU” and the related Urban Action Partnership for Air Quality is dedicated to implement solutions to ensure a good air quality for human health (Pact of Amsterdam, May 2016). In order to do so, regulatory and technical actions have to be undertaken to curb air pollution by intervening on its main sources (e.g. transport, energy, agricultural sector).

    A new guidance document published by the European Investment Bank is intended as a supporting tool for the main actors at EU, national, regional, metropolitan and urban level to identify, integrate and improve traditional and innovative financing schemes dedicated to the implementation of air quality measures. In doing so, the guidance seeks to highlight opportunities to leverage the involvement of both private and public financial resources.

    Open the full-text document or find it in the Covenant of Mayors online library.