• 25 Oct 2019

    Long-term energy and climate action - Our Energy Info Day in Greece

    On 19 September 2019 an Energy Information Day was co-organised by the European project C-Track 50 and the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office.

    Cities sharing best practices 

    Over 25 cities Greek municipalities could hear about long-term energy planning and climate change adaptation, illustrated by best practices from the towns of Farsala and Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi.

    GreekEnergyInfoDay 1

    Discussions around the Horizon 2020 project IMPLEMENT, thanks to which 6 Greek islands have joined and started implementing the European Energy Award – EEA, were lively.

    Innovative financing tools and programmes

    The Deposits and Loans Fund offers financing programs targeted to local governments and focusing on pumping stations, street lighting, and buildings. Participants also learned how they can benefit from the new EU City Facility programme, which will finance the maturing of investment projects by cities. Municipalities can also find support and opportunities for exchange of know-how through the PROSPECT project.

    Symbolic commitment of 29 Greek local authorities

    On the occasion of this workshop, 29 Greek municipalities symbolically committed to the European Covenant of Mayors.

    2020 is alsmot there, if you want to stay part of the movement, take on the 2030 commitments! #TogetherTowards2030

    GreekEnergyInfoDay 2

    Source: https://www.fedarene.org/outcomes-of-the-c-track-50-information-energy-day-31653