• 28 Jun 2019

    "How cities can back renewable energy communities"

    The community energy landscape in Europe has been radically transformed by the Renewable Energy Directive. The new landscape will only be fully mapped as communities explore the boundaries of their new role in the energy transition. Energy Cities has put together a guidebook ‘How cities can back renewable energy communities’ to help communities with that exploration.

    Local communities across the world are already feeling the impacts of climate change. Europe is in the position to assert its role as a worldwide leader of the sustainable transition. Putting renewable energy into the hands of communities and people has many potential outcomes: reducing energy poverty, increasing local resilience, encouraging new models of governance…

    Local authorities that want to get more hands on can become a project partner themselves. That could entail the creation of a dedicated body, securing financing and fundraising or mapping the potential in a community. There are real-life examples from across Europe on how these different approaches have been done and succeeded.


    © photo Energy Cities