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Energy Cities' main objective is to support European local authorities, in particular its members as they join the Covenant. To assist them in their local measures aimed at a minimum 20% reduction in CO2 emissions on their territory by 2020, the European network: - Publishes its members’ initiatives and action plans as a source of inspiration for other cities, - Encourages the exchange of experience and expertise between member signatories, - Informs about available tools aimed at preparing and implementing sustainable energy action plans, - Relays the expectations of the signatories to the European institutions via a Covenant of Mayors task force created within the Energy Cities Board, - Informs its members about developments in the EU energy and climate policy.

General Secretary

    • Contact name: Jean-Pierre Vallar
    • Position: General Secretary
    • Email:
    • Phone: +33 381 653 685

Mayor of Heidelberg - President of Energy Cities

    • Contact name: Eckart Würzner
    • Position: Mayor of Heidelberg - President of Energy Cities
    • Email:

EU Affairs Officer

    • Contact name: Frédéric BOYER
    • Position: EU Affairs Officer
    • Email:

    • Contact name: Béatrice Alcaraz
    • Position:

    • Contact name: Sylvie Lacassagne
    • Position:

    • Contact name: Peter Schilken
    • Position:

    • Contact name: Christiane Maurer
    • Position:

    • Contact name: Stéphane Dupas
    • Position:

    • Contact name: Nathalie Moroge
    • Position:

    • Contact name: Blandine Pidoux
    • Position:

    • Contact name: Ian Turner
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